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You are watched over and loved by many angels every day, all day. God knows you have problems. He is excited that you are learning and growing, and He can't wait until you return to Him. Remember that there is no such thing as a worthless person. We are all children of the most loving God, and there is no such thing as death, only separation.

I hope this is what people get from my book. I would encourage anyone to read it who wants to know more about Heaven. Maybe someone should have told Hugh Nibley to cast of his NDE as non sense and that it probably came from the adversary. Obviously, Im being a little silly here but Im just making a point. Also, didnt Joseph Smith see Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, Angels and have lots of other experiences that he shared with people to help, uplift and inspire? He shared them as a command from Heavenly Father.

In those days he didnt even have a "stewardship. Also, I only think the stewardship thing applies to giving people revelation for them. Non of these people are asking anyone to do that. Not to mention a good many of these people are not even members so a stewardship hardly applies to them. Dont you think Heavenly Father has a plan and his own ways of reaching those who are out of reach or wouldn't accept things from our church?

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Im just surprised by how quickly we can judge others experiences when we ourselves actually believe in a church that was started because a 14 year old boy had a vision and was visited by Angels. I am not saying none of us should use common sense, and be cautious and listen to the spirit. Just that I wouldn't tell others to dismiss it right off hand without any thought.

Last edited by AshleyB on Sun May 01, pm, edited 1 time in total. Re: The Soul's Remembrance Sat Apr 30, pm There is a difference between personal revelation and setting oneself up. The first good the second bad. Joseph Smith restored authority that was lost from the world, he did not offer a second channel as those after him, there is a huge difference. Like I stated, take the truth and discard the rest as the rubbish it is. Many will cry lo here, lo there, and they are. Do we hearken to them or to those the Lord sends?

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The Soul's Remembrance, (December edition) | Open Library

Re: The Soul's Remembrance Sun May 01, pm Someone had previously posted a link in this forum to the Mosiah Hancock vision of pre-mortal existence. One person I used to know, almost his entire patriarchal blessing was about his pre-mortal existence. He was given an option to opt-out from mortal life but he insisted on coming and staying for the duration. Many will probably find this post a bit beyond the parameters of my normal style and subject matter, but I have been wanting to write on this for some time now.


This is, believe it or not, a book about a man who can remember his life in Heaven before he was born. However, when my father who is quite an expert in Near Death Experiences and related matters gave me this book, I was amazed to find the author speaking very naturally about a pre-mortal life, claiming that his mission here on Earth was to not have a veil of forgetfulness so that he could teach people about our heavenly origins.

When I first picked up this book, I had some reservations—However, as I read the book, I felt a certain sincerity that caused me to set some of those doubts aside. So I will let you decide whether you believe Mills or not. I will present here some highlights from this most intriguing book. He tells of living in Heaven and of being put through a school, of sorts, to teach and train him about how life would be here.

He tells of the angelic guides and teachers that helped him learn, and of the other relationships that he had in Heaven before his mortal life. He tells of heavenly gardens, of recognizing the intelligence that even the flowers had, and of seeing the prayers of mortals reaching heaven as beams of powerful energy.

In April of , his angel guide once again appeared to him, and the memories of his heavenly home flooded back into his mind. This angel, whom he knew so well, told him that the time had come to share his recollections of Heaven and that he should write a book. Even the people and angels there glowed with the same pure light. In fact, everything in Heaven radiated light. All I can say is that Heaven was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. In Heaven we had spiritual bodies, like the Bible describes, instead of physical bodies. But I did experience many of the same emotions we have in this life: excitement, joy, caring, compassion, and, most of all, love.

For example, one room was used to introduce me to people who would play an important role in my earthly life, another room was where I selected certain life experiences and was taught about them…And I had several angel guides during my schooling to assist me in my training and education, but one particular guide stayed with me longer than the rest… pp. Mills believes that we all have this type of guardian angel assigned to watch over each of us. One of the most important tools used for his pre-Earth training was the Life Book.

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He describes the nature of these books and how they worked. A heavenly light shown in the room, flowing from every corner, even from the Life Book itself. The book was very large and thick, as big as a small suitcase. It had an ornate cover and sat on a table about five feet tall. Just looking at it, my excitement grew. I sensed the importance of the Life Book and how special it would be to my training. The angels were always careful not to let me or anyone else touch the book.

When one of the angels spoke, the book opened by itself to reveal pure white pages. In an excited voice, my instructor asked me what I saw. I replied that I did not see anything except blank pages. He told me to stare into them and concentrate. I did as he said, and watched in amazement as the book revealed events that would happen in my earthly life.

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  4. Each page showed me one part of my life, much like a television, and then the page turned by itself pp. Mills was shown, in detail, many of the things that would happen to him in his mortal life: what his body would look like, who his mother would be, his schooling, his marriage, and other experiences. At one point he asked his angel guide if he would eventually return to Heaven. She replied that it was up to him, and that that was what free will was all about.

    All Souls Remembrance Mass—November 2nd

    He goes on to tell of how he was frequently visited by angelic beings as a baby, comforting him and helping him accustom to his new Earth life. One of the greatest points that Mills emphasizes throughout his story is that our trials in this life have a purpose and that God is always willing to help us overcome them.

    He tells of how he was given the opportunity to choose which trials he would have in life, and shown the blessings that he would receive for enduring them well. Each challenge we go through in life helps build our faith and allows us to use the spiritual gifts given to us in Heaven. Our trials were chosen by us and approved by God to fit our specific mission in life. He explains: Our physical bodies are only a temporary home for our spirits, and nothing can truly harm who we really are. So when I selected my earthly experiences, I had no concern for what they would do to my physical body.

    I knew that the more I suffered for others, or because of others, the more I would grow in spirit.