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He was one of the only people I ever met who was glad he got caught in radioactive fallout.

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I can add little there. The overwhelming recollection I have of Walter is of his gracious, joyous presence. Both as a scientist and as a person, it was always inspiring and reaffirming to be with him. In , we had the pleasure and the privilege of having Prof. It has been an honor to get to know Prof.

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Munk — he will be missed. We will miss this likeable centenarian in the community and legendary centurion for oceanography. He never stopped. Last June on a day road trip in Europe, he came to a meeting at Davos to discuss smart cables to support ocean and earth observations in the Arctic. Then in Paris, after receiving the Legion of Honor, he gave the Roger Revelle Memorial Lecture at the IOC Executive Council meeting - characteristically precise and to the point, concluding optimistically using WWII as precedent that we, all of us, are up to confronting and dealing with the climate challenge.

As we all know, Walter understood the need to connect and bind people together socially, whether with gala events or just Mary, Walter and a few gathering for a quiet dinner under the Hau Tree by Kaimana Beach. On a very personal level, the wedding reception at Seiche way back in was a wonderful way for us to begin our marriage. Mary, our thoughts are with you. Walter Munk at San Diego on Memorial Day May are described in the attached article as a tribute to his greatness.

Million parting salutes to the world's most renowned scientist oceanographer I recall my visit to his wonderful house where young researchers coming to UCSD were given the opportunity to interact with him. Both Walter Munk and Judith Munk welcomed and provided warmest hospitality. This was in May May his soul rest in eternal peace. Walter Munk, to his family, friends and the entire Scripps community. Such a brilliant and fascinating gentleman with a great joy for life. I will treasure the times and the memories.

Also, I remember the Shakespeare Festival in their amphitheater.

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My heartfelt condolences, thoughts and prayers for the entire Munk family. Doug Webb and I remember Walter as a very bright scientist and acoustician. We remember our collaboration at the ocean acoustic instruments, it was a great time. We will keep memories about Walter as a treasure. Walter Munk was the nicest person I ever met. He was so kind, generous, modest and humble. He was a real gentleman. When he came to my shop, some time he closed his eyes to rest. His face showed the eager listening to whatever I wanted to share. He showed me how kind a person could be to another through all the time I took care of him.

It seemed like he had no enemies through all his life. We love you, Walter! We will miss your kindness and generosity of spirit, your good humor, your love of life, and your brilliant mind. Please accept our sincere condolences. He also was hospitable, genuinely interested, kind, loving, and told great true stories.

And he listened, though none of our stories had the other-worldly drama of his. And so many close friends, many of him dying before he did. He was loving and loved. Walter, thank you for existing. With caring thoughts at this moment my heart goes to Mrs. Munk and their Family.

During our stay in San Diego we shared joyful happy family moments during potlucks at his beautiful garden and at the IGPP family gatherings. We met personally Mr. His memory, legacy and wisdom will be always alive with us.

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With all my respect and admiration to a wonderful man who inspired generations to a scientific community. And my gratitude to an inspirational extraordinary altruist human being. An encounter we cannot forget, he came to the 5th Coastal Altimetry Workshop in San Diego in at age A Legend! When he and Judy left they were rushing through the older Vancouver airport and Walter hit a bump and Judy fell on the floor. Judy was in the hospital a couple of days before she could head home and Walter was a very gracious guest at our house.

As a former student of Klaus Wyrtki I and Walter had a number of acquaintances in common and it was great to just visit with this very kind and friendly person. It was an experience I will never forget. In his st year, his charisma, warmth, intelligence and sense of humor were in full display and made the evening memorable. Walter gave me a renewed sense of meaning for the work that we do at UC San Diego. I am very grateful to Mary for hosting that night and I hold her in my thoughts.

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Science has lost one of its fathers. My sincerest condolences to the people who were loved him the most. My brother was good friends with Kendall, their youngest. OK, Rick might say they "dated" but things like that are ill-defined at Muirlands Jr. Anyways, the Munks' place is perched on a canyon rim between Scripps Pier and our surfing mecca, Black's Beach. I think Black's powerful surf is generated by a gnarly submarine canyon Walter could monitor from most rooms in the house.

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As a kid and even much later, the feel of the Munks' place was like a majestic, seaside cottage straight out of J. Walter and Judy fed off the joy they created. A few years ago, my wife met Walter and still can't get over his kindness, grace and those baby blues. His boyishness and curiosity never faded. I never knew his humor could turn delightfully dark until a tsunami of questionable size was scheduled to wash up on La Jolla beaches a decade or two ago. I knew that Walter knew something about it and I emailed him some question or another.

In the exchange he said if the wave was large enough, it might wipe out the curious and the bold who brave the shoreline while sparing the lives of the timid who run to higher ground! A Darwinian quandary to be sure. Rightfully, people will speak of Walter's giant list of professional distinctions. He wore one of his "award jackets" to our wedding and the man has his name on a building for crying' out loud. But I hope people also remember Walter died at with a boyish curiosity and a twinkle in his eyes.

Although we only saw him a dozen times since, he always remembered us and asked us what we were currently doing. His generosity of hosting multiple charitable organizations and political discussions over the years at his beautiful home which he designed should not be ignored. He cared deeply about the welfare of the environment and about people.

He was a brilliant scientist and mentor of many graduate and post graduate students.

I will remember him for his support of humanitarian, educational, environmental and support for politicians who shared those values. He was warm-hearted and was interested in the views, the work and the ideas of those he met with. He will be sorely missed. Words can never express our sadness when someone who was admired as a scientist has passed away.

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Walter Munk was one of the most celebrated oceanographers of his era — a visionary scientist who devoted nearly eight decades to unraveling numerous questions asked over time in different branches of oceanography. I would like to express on behalf of the Chilean Navy Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service and the National Oceanographic Committee of Chile, our deepest and heartfelt condolences.

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Munk has always been my idol and I wanted to follow his footsteps. He is a great Oceanographer, a life-lover and also a freedom fighter in the WW2. And his spirit toward life and family is another that keeps encouraging me. Thank you, Dr. Munk, for guiding me even if I haven't met you in person. I will try to be someone like you in my life. God bless you, Dr. End of an era. It was great occasion to meet renowned oceanographer, who did path-breaking research on waves, tidal energy etc.

Still remember my maiden visit to Prof.