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  3. My daughter adores her teacher, Amanda Agreste
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  5. ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Season 6 Brings Back a Fan-Favorite Tradition (RECAP) – TV Insider

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Best toy stores in NYC

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LinkedIn Learning. Library homepage. Subject guides. Book a computer. Box of Broadcasts. Copyright advice. Parents and gift-givers will also appreciate the array of items available. These stores are ideal for those with wee little ones 12 and under or parents in search of a good gift for loved ones.

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Picking out new toys for your tots? Skip the big-box stores and pop down to this Abingdon Square spot. The shop is filled to the brim with toys like handmade stuffed animals, puppets made of recycled sweaters, wooden heirloom-quality toys and old-fashioned battery-free entertainment think Slinkys and the like. Just look for the giant wooden locomotive in the corner!

Everything's ultra modern at this Billyburg baby mecca, a spin-off of Brooklyn design store Two Jakes. Look for the latest bags, strollers and cribs from brands like Oeuf, Argington and Bloom when you make your visit. What to get a hip city kid who has it all? This adorable store definitely has something to suit their fancy.

They stock little Brooklynite onesies, graphic tees, animal bathtoys, temporary tattoos and tons of other fun toys for the youngsters you love. Owner Carol Adams transformed her successful store Babylicious into Torly Kid—a one-stop shop for both tots and tweens. You can find traditional New York-themed selections, classic wooden toys, books, party favors, educational toys and toys geared specifically to special needs children, travel and outdoor play.

Acorn stocks educational and community-minded toys in its Brooklyn outpost. Snatch up quirky bubblegum-pink Gloomy Bear stuffed animals, Godzilla figurines, kaiju models and other cool stuff. Fantastic Kids Toys also offers a large selection of party favors in case you're planning your next big bash!

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This local favorite offers everything from playhouses and puzzles of varying difficulty to ride-on toys, terrarium and garden projects, dress-up items and accessories for pretend play, action figures, bath toys, musical instruments. You name it, Kidding Around has it! Shop for all the tykes in your life—from little babes to toddlers to tweens—at this Bay Ridge shop, stocking all sorts of playthings. You'll find funky mobiles, plush pals, challenging games, art sets and scooters.

Stop by Boomerang for super-cute plush toys, trains, wooden toddler toys, adjustable scooters, Playmobil, fidget spinners and more! Chances are you'll love it just as much as your kiddos' do!

My daughter adores her teacher, Amanda Agreste

At the nonedible arm of the Eli Zabar empire, parents can stock up on whimsical paper goods and kid-friendly baubles including everything from stickers and erasers to cupcake-shaped lip glosses and silly straw sunglasses. Owned by local mom Brigitte Prat, this hair salon doesn't just offer kids stylish cuts. Jake distracts Amy and Holt with Earl while Terry goes for the real Scully, which ends up being a success; Amy and Holt end up with Earl, who they think is Scully, while Jake and Terry get the bracelet.

There's another twist in store, though. Once he has the bracelet, Jake ditches Terry in order to perform better in the heist. He makes the grave mistake of mentioning Earl in front of Scully, who becomes enraged and breaks the window. The truth between them eventually comes out: Earl slept with Scully's wife, and the two haven't gotten along since. After the two confront each other, Terry reveals that Jake has the bracelet in his pocket.

Accelerated Reader Quiz List - Reading Practice

There's just one problem A costumed Boyle brings the real bracelet to Rosa, but Rosa knocks him out with chloroform and sends him away in a truck, because she's secretly working with Holt, who has had Kevin and Cheddar come to the precinct to bring him last year's cummerbund. It seems the whole group is betraying each other!

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Jake goes to Terry for his help, and at first, Terry doesn't want to assist him. With a little pressure, Jake gets him to help — but when they're successful and get Cheddar's chew toy, where the bracelet is hidden, Jake handcuffs Terry in the evidence lockup and betrays him for a second time. Karma gets Jake back when Terry breaks out of the lockup and reveals his friend's traitorous nature.

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Season 6 Brings Back a Fan-Favorite Tradition (RECAP) – TV Insider

Jake doesn't have the real bracelet, either: Kevin did, and because he doesn't like these competitions and doesn't want any more heist memorabilia in his and Holt's house, he gave it to Amy. Arguments escalate, and the group continues turning on each other. You all suck!

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