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No revenge was to be taken. The city was to have its normal life restored as quickly as possible. The gods which Nabonidus had taken from the equally well-treated provincial cities were to be restored at once.

Daniel 2 Bible Commentary - Matthew Henry (concise)

There was, above all, to be no terrorizing of the population. Indeed, Cyrus intended to change some of the policies of Nabonidus which had made him objectionable to his subjects. One can imagine the reception Cyrus received when he made his appearance in the capital a few weeks after its capture. He was not a conqueror. He was a liberator! And far from installing a foreign rule over the people, Cyrus personally took the role of Marduk, the chief god of Babylon, in the New Year Festival, thereby claiming for himself and his heirs the right to rule the Babylonian Empire by divine designation.

Those who are righteous do not fear other people. Their only desire is to serve and honor God.

The Dynamics of Periodization from Daniel to António Vieira, S.J.

With the same faith that his brethren Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego had shown in refusing to bow down to the idol, Daniel refused to follow the decree that condemned petitions to any god but the king. Was there any question what he should do?

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He could save his life by abandoning his prayers to the Living God. What was he to do? A man of integrity could not fail. Daniel was the soul of integrity. Talmage, The House of the Lord, p. To an absolute monarch, however, it probably seemed the logical thing to do, for out of these families might come insurrection in the future. An absolute monarch would likely feel that any other course would slowly cause him to lose power.

Few courtiers have had so long a reign, served so many masters without flattering any, been more successful in their management of public affairs, been so useful to the states where they were in office, or have been more owned of God, or have left such an example to posterity. The lion, the bear, the leopard, and the ten-horned beast represented the kingdoms of the world, says Daniel. Daniel did not see an actual bear or a lion, but the images or figures of those beasts.

At the same time they received the interpretation as to what those images or types were designed to represent. The lion and eagle are both supreme among beasts of their class. The plucking of feathers see Daniel seems to have represented a deprivation of power to fly or the power to dominate and conquer. The bear was considered next to the lion as the strongest among animals by the people of the ancient Middle East.

The raising up on one side could represent the raising of the forefeet of the bear standing on its hind feet as when it goes after prey. The third kingdom corresponded to the Greek Empire of Alexander the Great. Wings signify power to move and extend influence. Heads signify governing power or the seat of government. The Grecian kingdom was extended greatly under Alexander and had power over much of the earth.

The fourth beast was not likened to an animal. It was, however, very strong and dreadful and broke into pieces the remains of the former kingdoms. It represented the Roman Empire and the forces of evil that were manifest through that empire. The ten horns are the kingdoms into which the Roman Empire was afterwards divided. They are similar to the ten toes of the great image described in Daniel 2.

Daniel 1 Bible Commentary

See also Daniel — Though each of these beasts may be said to represent the worldly kingdoms mentioned, the representation probably was not just of their political dominion, but also of the evils upheld and perpetrated upon the world by their rule. The little horn represented a notable anti-Christ power that was to be raised up after the time of the Roman Empire, and it was to be different from the other ten kingdoms mentioned after the Roman kingdom.

Sperry said:. Let me make my point clear. He then saw the establishment of the kingdom of heaven with Christ at its head. This seems to be what Daniel saw.

He Adam is the father of the human family, and presides over the spirits of all men, and all that have had the keys must stand before him in this grand council. This may take place before some of us leave this stage of action. The Son of Man stands before him, and there is given him glory and dominion. Adam delivers up his stewardship to Christ, that which was delivered to him as holding the keys of the universe, but retains his standing as head of the human family. There will be a great gathering in the Valley of Adam-ondi-Ahman; there will be a great council held.

The Ancient of Days, who is Adam, will sit. Christ will come, and Adam will make his report. At this council Christ will be received and acknowledged as the rightful ruler of the earth.

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Satan will be replaced. Following this event every government in the world … will have to become part of the government of God. Then righteous rule will be established. The earth will be cleansed; the wicked will be destroyed; and the reign of peace will be ushered in. In relating a personal experience, Elder LeGrand Richards taught of the importance of the work the Saints are doing in this dispensation and of its relationship to the eventual rule of Christ upon the earth:. That is what we Latter-day Saints are doing. Daniel taught that the Saints will possess the kingdom after the Lord returns to take His rightful place at the head of that kingdom.

It is necessary, however, for the Saints to prepare themselves to take possession of the kingdom. When we shall prove ourselves faithful in every emergency that may arise, and capable to contend and grapple with every difficulty that threatens our peace and welfare, and to overcome every obstacle that may tend to impede the progress of the Church and kingdom of God upon the earth, then our heavenly Father will have confidence in us, and then he will be able to trust us.

Though much of what Daniel saw in this vision is now history, it is not part of the Old Testament. The vision in Daniel 8 focuses on the second and third empires spoken of in Daniel 7. The one horn which came up last and was higher than the other represented the Persians, who finally dominated the alliance and assumed power over the Medians. At age thirty-two, Alexander died in the height of his power. After he died, his four chief generals carved up the empire, and they seem to be the four notable horns that came up instead of the one see vv.

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He persecuted the Jews bitterly, declaring observance of the Mosaic law to be a capital offense. Similar events occurred during the Roman era after the coming of Christ. That this prophecy refers to more than just the time up through the Maccabean period is also indicated by two phrases in Daniel The messenger sent to Daniel was the ancient prophet Noah.

He obtained it in the Creation, before the world was formed, as in Gen. He had dominion given him over every living creature.

He is Michael the Archangel, spoken of in the Scriptures. Then to Noah, who is Gabriel; he stands next in authority to Adam in the Priesthood; he was called of God to this office, and was the father of all living in his day, and to him was given the dominion. These men held keys first on earth, and then in heaven.

He was especially concerned with the time of completion of the seventy years of exile predicted by Jeremiah, Jer. The prophet probably reasoned as follows: Babylon, the power that had brought about the captivity is now fallen, and Persia is in the first year of its rule. It is now seventy years or nearly so since I and my family, not to mention many other Jews, were taken into captivity. What did Jeremiah mean by seventy years of desolation and the punishment of the king of Babylon? The Hebrew word that is commonly translated weeks would more properly be translated sevens.

It means a period divided into sevens. These periods of seven could be days, weeks, months, years, or even periods of unspecified duration. Daniel is undoubtedly a reference to the coming of Christ and His Atonement, by which forgiveness of sins and reconciliation to God through repentance would be made possible. The reference to confirming the covenant for one week see Daniel , however, has not been satisfactorily explained and may make problematic the explanation given above. Daniel tried to describe the glory and majesty of the Lord.

His description is very much like that given by other prophets in similar circumstances. Being in the presence of the Lord drained Daniel of his strength.