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They are intended as a quick visual guide to the villains, they will be updated and will probably change and evolve as I work on it. The site will be a mix of the two types. Added a Lex Luthor and Two-Face wallpaper to the downloads sections. Atom, Mr. Added a Parallax wallpaper to the Downloads section. Mxyzptlk, Skrull and Whirlwind images to the gallery section. Updated the Red Lantern's spotlight section. Added a A. Added a Sinestro image to the gallery section.

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Added a Red Lantern wallpaper to the Download section. Added a Venom and Doctor Alchemy image. Added a Mister Freeze image to the gallery section. Added Brother Tode, Daken, I. Added a Man-Gog and Blockbuster I image to the gallery section. Added Deadshot, Braniac and Satannish images to the Gallery section.

Added a Calculator, Electro and Thunderball image to the Gallery section. First up the first Masters Of Evil! Remind me Never! Let me know what you think. Added a New Mutants section.

Added a Wrecking Crew Wallpaper to the download section. Added a more information section to Masters Of Evil I. Added a Carnage Wallpaper to the Downloads Section. Added a new Zoom Wallpaper. Added a new Green Arrow section. They appear in Babylonia after the fall of Gorgon, where they eagerly take the destruction of humanity to new heights in their goal to fully awaken their mother. An elite team of seven Masters, Team A was part of the forty-eight Masters that planned to investigate Singularity F before the Control Room explosion and subsequent cryogenic suspension with the exception of Mash Kyrielight, who survived the explosion, Rayshifted to Fuyuki and became Shielder.

After Chaldea resolves the Grand Order and makes contact with the outside world, they were revived and disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

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In Cosmos in the Lostbelt , they have become Crypters, Apocryphal Leaders sent to erase Pan-Human History and return the world to the state of the Age of Gods, leaving what remains of the Chaldea staff to confront them to save humanity's future. The young head of the Wodime clan, which has a thousand years old history and magic circuits to go along with it. His Servant was going to be Lancer.

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He is known to currently have three Divine Spirit Servants under his command. He has since been stationed in the fifth Lostbelt "Ocean in the Age of Titans", which is located in the Atlantic Ocean, that diverged in 12, BC, a giant ocean city where the Age of Gods is described to have proceeded into the present, the gods in question being the ancient Greek Gods. An average mage but he had high Rayshift compatibility. He doesn't stand out among Team A but has a nice, though self-deprecating at times and pessimistic, personality.

He was going to get Caster, as he had little mana capacity and needed a Servant who would use mana efficiently, and ended up summoning the last Russian princess Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova. During Cosmos in the Lostbelt , he is sent to the first Lostbelt, which is in Russia. This Lostbelt diverged in AD when an asteroid hit Earth during Ivan the Terrible's rule and caused an unending ice age. His Difference Depth is rank D. A prodigy in Spiritual Evocation and formerly part of the Clock Tower's department devoted to that subject, her Servant was going to be Saber and she had ethnic reasons for wanting this Servant.

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  • She ended up summoning the hero of the Volsung Saga, Sigurd. After her revival, she was sent to the second Lostbelt, located in the Scandinavian Peninsula as a Scandinavia that is still in the Age of Gods, with most of the human population being in Sweden. This Lostbelt diverged in 1, BC when Surtr ate Fenrir and absorbed its power, slaughtering the gods and being sealed away by Odin, resulting in an incomplete Ragnarok and a world where humans coexist with giants as a food source. Hailing from the Botany Department of the Clock Tower, she was originally a Chaldea technician but was scouted as a Master due to her skill.

    Her Servant was going to be Rider, which she wanted strongly.

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    She is stationed in the third Lostbelt in China that diverged in BC with the "True State of Unified Wisdom" SIN Synchronized Intellect Nation , where the founder of the Qin dynasty , Qin Shi Huangdi, achieved his lifelong goal of immortality, conquered the world and installed everlasting peace at the cost of complete stagnation for his subjects. Her Difference Depth is rank E. His country of origin is unknown. A freelance mage Marisbury scouted while away from Chaldea and the oldest member of Team A.

    Looks like an Italian, but he is an expert in Buddhism and Indian mythology, saying that he likes myths about destruction repeating itself.

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    His Servant was going to be Archer and ended up with Ashwatthama, a legendary warrior of The Mahabharata. The fourth Lostbelt where he is residing is located in India and it diverged in ??

    This god then sped up the Yuga cycle to run it's course every 10 days in his desire to remove anything that could be considered "evil" from it, each cycle deleting elements from the world entirely with no chance of reincarnation, slowly reshaping it to the god's view of a "perfect" world with plans to extend it across the entire galaxy and then the trichiliocosm. His Difference Depth is rank A. A magus whose past before coming to Chaldea is shrouded in mystery and whose amorality sticks out amongst all of Team A's original members.

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    His Servant was going to be Assassin. His Difference Depth is rank EX. The biggest unknown factor and most suspicious person within Team A. Marisbury saw him as a very talented person, as does da Vinci, who considers only two other people she met in her entire life to be on par with his genius. The seventh Lostbelt where he's residing is located somewhere in South America and diverged during the BC era; this is most notable in the Nasuverse as the resting place of Type Mercury , a dormant Ultimate One which landed on Earth 5, years before the present day.

    The inner workings of Daybit's Lostbelt are still a secret, but it is close to collapse because its version of humanity is nearly extinct. A mysterious alien being who is a priestess of the Alien God. She is first seen wandering around Chaldea in the Lostroom OVA and then has been popping up throughout numerous locations. She later reveals herself to be helping the forces of the Lostbelt, having used Gordolf as an opening to seize Chaldea.

    Before the protagonist escaped with them, she was in the process of turning Chaldea upside down trying to find their Servants' Saint Graphs knowing they'd been hidden away. She is in actuality one of three Servant emissaries working for the Alien God. Her true identity is revealed in the third Lostbelt prologue. The representative from the Holy Church, he came along with Gordolf to oversee Chaldea.

    He is yet another Servant emissary, tasked with assisting the Crypters in whatever way he can. An alternate version of Mysterious Heroine X born as a result of her traveling back in time, she desires to kill Mysterious Heroine X and become the most powerful Saber. She is the ancestor of all Einzbern homunculi, Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern, who was used as the Greater Grail's vessel. Her class is Avenger.

    A Master from a Parallel Chaldea. She is capricious and treats her Servants as tools to appease her greed and possibly lust. She appears in the Learning with Manga!